I Create Sound is a small, flexible audio consulting agency that can help with any point in the production process.

Recording Producing Podcasting Editing Building a Studio Releasing Yourself?

You Need A guide.

You’re trying to get your music in front of people. Whether it’s knowing when to book a show, dealing with bandmate drama, or wrestling with the latest version of that studio-in-a-box, you’re wondering how to produce a work of art to be received by a listening world without losing the passion that drove you to create to begin with.

The intersection between art, technology and commerce can be difficult to navigate. This is why we invented the artist advisement session.

You want someone who can point you in the right direction, to help you find your sound, help with the technical questions and also offer solid, professional advice. Not to mention a little encouragement, confirmation of your goals, and perhaps a reminder of why you’ve decided to do this in the first place.
Artist Advisement

Artist Advisement

Expert guidance for your musical career to get you thriving in the music business.

Production Services

Production Services

Quick expert advice from a studio professional to get you moving through your project.

Home Studio Help Image

Home Studio Help

Get advice on how to get your home-studio up and running so you can create optimum sounds.

Mix Review

Mix Reviews

Get real feedback for your mixes so you can stop running around in circles.

Our Team. Your Advisors.​

Experts in making Art + Science = Magic

Steven Leavitt

Producer, Engineer, Artist Advisor,
Founder of I Create Sound

Steven Leavitt is a music producer, musician, and recording engineer from Los Angeles, CA. Steve’s life in music has spanned many genres, from Folk to Rock, Orchestral to Electronic, and a Pop hybrid of all of the above.

He has an uncanny knack of hearing an incomplete composition and knowing what is trying to emerge. As a music producer of 20 years he loves helping artists illuminate the steps needed to achieve their best sound

Steven Leavitt
Dustin Stonebrook Profile

Dustin Stonebrook

Composer, Recording Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Musical Troubadour

Dustin is a friendly encyclopedia of helpful knowledge of all things audio. Originally from Texas, he has traveled the world playing in many side projects as a traveling musician.

He has worked as an electrical engineer, but he will absolutely break any concept down for even the most technically challenged person to feel like a master of the studio.

Michael Zimmerlich

Artist Manager, Founder of 80/20 Records

80/20 Records founder Michael Zimmerlich wanted to be an entrepreneur since senior year of high school when he sold ‘video yearbooks’ to his fellow classmates. After discovering the need from many artists needing representation for their music and direction for their careers he decided to create a record label in 2008.

Mike is an artist manager and advocate of independent musicians everywhere. Mike can quickly help you find your next steps in creating a successful release and pushing your music career to the next level.

Artist Advisement

60 minute call
$ 89
  • Answer your most immediate questions
  • Advice and Encouragement
  • Pay as you go

Clarity Package

3 Call Bundle
$ 199
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

Producer in Your Pocket

$ 399
  • Six 1 Hour Calls
  • Email Access for Clarifications
  • Hands on Coaching With Your Audio

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Can you really help me over the phone?

Yes. We can do Artist Advisement sessions over Phone or Zoom. The amount of progress that can be made over the phone may surprise you but our experts have seen it all and will get you through any problem or hangup you are currently experiencing, provided you are proactive and willing to learn.

Can you really help me plug in my microphone?

Yes! People say we teach anything from the simple to the complex without making anyone feel dumb. No question is too simple and nothing you want to learn is too complex to teach! I Create Sound pairs audio creatives with expert advisors to get through every aspect of a musical project. From launching a Kickstarter, to setting up a home studio, to giving unbiased feedback on your mixes, I Create Sound is here to help you move through your creative project with ease.

A Producer In Your Pocket

Whatever spot you are at in the creative process, I Create Sound is here to get you through it.


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