Help for musicians



Advice for musicians needing help with

  • Recording technique
  • Equipment selection
  • Home studio layout and design
  • Production advice
  • Mix critiques and second opinion
  • Career guidance


We offer one on one artist advisement sessions for any part of your recording process. Phone consultations are as low commitment as a half hour and are very affordable.

Steve Leavitt has over 20 years experience in audio and music production and is a producer, engineer, songwriter, and keyboard player.

We offer in-home or on-site consultations as well in the Los Angeles area and also offer rehearsal critiques, software lessons, microphone placement advice and more!

Please send a message to schedule a phone consultation.

s t e v e @ i c r e a t e s o u n d . c o m

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Contact: s t e v e @ i c r e a t e s o u n d . c o m

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