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Steve Leavitt is a music producer, musician, and recording engineer with a natural ear for music. A native of Los Angeles, CA, Steve’s life in music has spanned many genres, from Folk to Rock, Orchestral to Electronic, and a Pop hybrid of all of the above.

His approach to the recording process is to remain true to his client’s artistic intention and to help bring their best version of their art to reality.


See partial discography

Steve’s love for music began when he was just a child. He practically grew up on movie sets as the son of motorcycling turned movie stunt parents. However, he quickly found he was more at home in a music store than at a motorcycle track. By age 12 Steve was writing and recording. As a teenager he preferred spending the majority of his weekends and summers in his room with his 4 track, mixing board, and sequencer programming hundreds of electronic instrumental pieces. He continued pursuing his ambition to become a professional musician by apprenticing for an established hip hop producer and composer from age 16 to 18. Following his apprenticeship he studied recording engineering in 2000 at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California.

In addition to his producing, Steve has also engineered for drummer Grom Meraviglia on multiple albums such as the 2014 reunion album for Italian heavy metal band Hortus Animae which was signed to Flicknife Records… and others such as of Rob Michaels (guitarist for Chris Daughtry), Chris Opperman, Wade Williams (recording his audition for Velvet Revolver), Ronnie Winters (of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus), and Camera Can’t Lie (demoing songs for their label),

Never shying away from a challenge, in 2007, Steve recorded, on location, a seven song EP for the neo-folk, acoustic rock group, the Venus Illuminato in Venice, CA. With a small budget and a big vision, and in only 7 days, Steve captured the soul, magic, and essence of the music. Subsequently, his efforts and attention to detail did not go unnoticed; the Venus Illuminato’s EP “Company With Kings” attracted a lot of interest from Warner Brothers Records and Rhino Records at their first show at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood.
Also in 2007 Steve produced, arranged and recorded the single “Fool” on Marina V’s latest release “Modern Fairytale.”

From 2005 to 2007, Steve showcased his keyboard and B3 organ chops and musical depth while he was a member of the classic/progressive rock band, The Ludivico. Doubling as keyboard player and producer, Steve recorded many performances both live and in the studio.

In 2004, Steve co-founded an event called Don’t Call Us Tori with Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Shannon Hurley. Until its last show in January of 2009 Don’t Call Us Tori had become a haven for great music in L.A. with monthly showcases aiming to cross-promote specifically female solo artists.

Partial Discography


Tribes – Testing Tomorrow
Time and Space – Lobate Scarp
“We Are The Web” – Amy Clarke
Children of the Earth – The Venus Illuminato
Walk Till Morning – Tom Renaud
“Deriva” – Testing Tomorrow
“Will You Find Me” – Silver Mountain Children
“Mary (Her Story)” – Amy Clarke
Company With Kings – The Venus Illuminato
“Fool” – Marina V
“Company With Kings” – The Venus Illuminato
Gravity Always Wins• – Dave Tough

* denotes co-producer

Engineering :

Secular Music – Hortus Animae (drums) •label: Flicknife
Heavy Mental – Mistress
No Limits – Crane/Fabian Project
Guillotine Games – Near Death Photography Club
Farewell to Graveland – Martyr Lucifer (drums: 1, 2, 9, 10, & 11).
“Blamed” – Hexfire (drums)
Let It Rip – Crane/Fabian Project (editor)
[Velvet Revolver audition] – Wade Williams
Lost Inside – Opposite Sides
“The Porpentine” – Chris Opperman (sample programmer)
Fall For You – Rob Michaels
“Run” – Aaron Shier
Ghost – Matt Heinecke

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